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Partitioning the variance between space and time

There exist many space-time databases of different variables that change both is space and time. A correct examination of the changes in such a variable needs to account for both changes in time and space.

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Google Ngram Viewer: What we learned from 5 million books

"Ngram Viewer" is a tool (in Google Labs) that provides you interesting statistical knowledge of 5 million books (500 billion words) from across centuries. The following video shows how it works. There is a link to the "Ngram Viewer" page.

It might seem simple, but you could still enjoy the power of data analysis revealing some interesting facts (knowledge) about social and cultural phenomena in the history.

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Ferret: A Great Data Visualization And Analysis Tool

Ferret is an Interactive tool to utilize when you are dealing with large gridded and non-gridded datasets. Not only can it run on most Unix and windows machines, but also it can access remote Internet data sources through OPeNDAP (What is OPeNDAP?). This is a perfect data visualization and analysis tool particularly for meteorologists and oceanographers who mostly deal with global scale gridded data. 

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Revolution R Enterprise With Apache Hadoop for 'Big Analytics'!

Big Data and Hadoop seem to be tied together these days. Whenever you hear the big data, you'll probably hear hadoop afterward. I have been always curious to know about hadoop, to know how map-reduced technology differs from SQL and to know how R can be used with Apache Hadoop.

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What is the difference between big data and Analytics? O'Reilly's Interview with Jeremy Howard

A very interesting interview with Jeremy Howard on the difference between big data and analytics. Jeremy Howard is Kaggle's president and chief scientist.

Wired Magazine have labeled Jeremy as the accidental scientist. To learn more about Jeremy please read this very interesting article.

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