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"Matters of scale, and why they matter"

This is a very interesting read on NASA Climate Change on how to visualize data in away that is not only easy to understand and interpret, but also stays true scientifically. The article shows the visualization of satellite measurements of NO2 over the atmosphere of Indian Ocean.

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Hurricane Sandy

By now, you've most probably heard about the recent devastating hurricane in Eastern part of the U.S. It's called "Sandy". Sandy is expected to affect as many as 60 million Americans this week. Satellites and scientists are busy monitoring this weather phenomena. Thanks to CloudSat Data Processing Center, you can visually witness the vertical profile of Sandy along the CloudSat overpass track. The higher the radar reflectivity, the larger the amount of precipitation and cloud water would be.

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NASA VIZ: Visualization Explorer

NASAVIZ is a very cool product from NASA Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) which has different interesting features. Through NASAVIZ, You can quickly access NASA animations and images about our universe, the Sun, our planet Earth, and generally NASA explorations. Please watch the following video regarding this app.

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Large Data in MATLAB [Upcoming Webinar]

If you are working with large dataset in MATLAB, then you won't like to miss this upcoming webinar by MathWorks. Most often, the issue in processing large data with MATLAB is lack of sufficient memory. In this webinar, you'll learn how to speed up processing large data using parallel computing and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). A seismic data processing example will be use to illustrate how to perform faster data analysis computations. The webinar is set to be on 11 Jun 2012 from 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m EDT.

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Google Ngram Viewer: What we learned from 5 million books

"Ngram Viewer" is a tool (in Google Labs) that provides you interesting statistical knowledge of 5 million books (500 billion words) from across centuries. The following video shows how it works. There is a link to the "Ngram Viewer" page.

It might seem simple, but you could still enjoy the power of data analysis revealing some interesting facts (knowledge) about social and cultural phenomena in the history.

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Ferret: A Great Data Visualization And Analysis Tool

Ferret is an Interactive tool to utilize when you are dealing with large gridded and non-gridded datasets. Not only can it run on most Unix and windows machines, but also it can access remote Internet data sources through OPeNDAP (What is OPeNDAP?). This is a perfect data visualization and analysis tool particularly for meteorologists and oceanographers who mostly deal with global scale gridded data. 

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Watch 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds

This amazing animation by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio in 26 seconds shows how temperature all over the globe have warmed since 1880.

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Matrix Plot of Variables in MATLAB

Have you ever wondered how can you easily plot scatter plots of several variables and their own histograms together in MATLAB? This is something very useful when doing variance analysis on different parameters of a model.

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Worldmapper is a nice website that has a collection of world maps about world population, food, fuel, income, wealth, education, health, disease, death, disasters, language, religion and so on and so forth. There are about 700 maps most of which are available in PDF format. "The maps and data files cover 200 territories, mainly United Nation member States plus a few others to include at least 99.95% of the world population. Impress your audience with nice having couple of these maps in your presentation.

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A fascinating way to understand US in a converging world

You might have heard of Prof. Hans Rosling and his famous visualization tool Grapminder. The video below is one of his presentations on CNN to explain the economic trend in last 150 years and how the rest of the world caught up to the U.S. This video is provided under this Creative Commons License.

If you are interested in the Grapminder bubles, please visit the official website of Hans Rosling.

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