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A Social Graph for Businesses

In large organizations, a considerable time is wasted by employees on locating relevant experts or solutions to problems which in any enterprise may already have been solved by other employees. Now, HP has found a solution for that, HP Collective Project.

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What is OPeNDAP?

My first experience with OPeNDAP was to use it in MATLAB to remotely access OPeNDAP served precipitation data. The applications of OPeNDAP however are much wider. "OpeNDAP is a framework that simplifies all aspects of scientific data. OPeNDAP provides software which makes local data accessible to remote locations regardless of local storage format. OPeNDAP also provides tools for tranforming existing applications into OPeNDAP clients (i.e., enabling them to remotely access OPeNDAP served data)." Moreover, it's FREE.

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NASA's "Eyes on the Earth" Most Recent Version Released.

A while ago, I posted about the amazing NASA's "Eyes on the Earth 3D" system for visualization of the observing satellites that are constantly rotating around the Earth and sending us valuable information. Today, I would like to inform you about the release of the most recent version of this system. More interesting features have been added to this system. One of the main enhancements is the "Image of the Day" feature in collaboration with NASA JPL and NASA GSFC.

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Data Sources

Recently, there was post in LDA about Where to find Data? I wanted to add a new source of data to that list. Gapminder is a website (and also a software) with huge amounts of datasets. This site not only allows you to download the data, it also creates nice visual plots and animations of the data.

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ERDDAP: Environmental Research Division's Data Access Program

Have you ever got tired of dealing with different data format? Have you ever got confused of where you can find your data, as it could be at different websites? ERDDAP, standing for Environmental Research Division's Data Access Program, is what you really want to know more about. In a very simple way, ERDDAP reformats your requested data format into the format that is required by the original data server. Then the reformated data are sent to the data server, the data are extracted, reformtaed to the user requested format and returns back to you.

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Dealing with structured and unstructured data at Facebook


One of the challenging areas of research is how to deal with unstructured data(like text, comments, videos,…). In the following video, Lars Backstrom is first introducing general trends in Facebook and how they tried to make data more structured in order to use them in different analyses. He also gives some interesting examples of available knowledge hidden in unstructured data in Facebook. Then, he talks about his approach in improving friend recommendation system in the Facebook. 

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Salford Systems for Data Mining

Right after receiving his PhD in Economics from Harvard University, Dan Steinberg founded Salford Systems in 1983 to provide analytical tools and software for data services. Salford Systems software is now installed in more than 3,500 sites worldwide, including 300 major universities. Major companies such as AT&T Universal Card Services and Sears are among the key customers of Salford Systems as well.  

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VistaDataVision (VDV): Data Management Software

VistaDataVision (VDV) is one of the most recent data management software, specifically for metrological and hydrological data services. "If you collect data using Data Loggers, then use our proven VDV Data Base application for Data Management, Visualization, Analyzing, Alarming, Reporting and Access".

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What is Hadoop?

"Hadoop, an Apache open-source project, is a collection of open-source components designed to to store massive amounts of data across multiple nodes and compact it into an accessible format called the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS). MapReduce, often used in conjunction with Hadoop, is a programming construct for building an analytical capability on top of the data. NoSQL (”not only SQL”) databases typically handle non-structured data, including Weblogs, documents, text, PDF, video and audio."

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