Machine Learning & Computer Vision

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Interesting talk on "Introduction to Machine Learning"

"Over the past few decades, the field of Machine Learning has matured significantly, drawing ideas from several disciplines including Statistics, Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence. Applications of Machine Learning have led to important advances in a wide variety of domains ranging from Internet applications to scientific problems. This talk will give a gentle tutorial introduction to Machine Learning with broad overview on four families of models and methods: predictive models, graphical models, online learning, and exploratory data analysis.

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Google's Knowledge Graph: A Learning Machine

You may have noticed recently that when you search for certain people, places, or other products in Google, you will see a box of facts alongside the regular results. These are the information that come out of "Google's Knowledge Graph".

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A Better Artificial Brain

Can you imagine of a robot that processes the visual information the way our brain does? There has been a lot of research on visual perception and finding the way that our brain analyzes the visual data, recognizes objects, and so on. But there hasn't been a robost and comprehensive method that can fully represent the brain.

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A Social Graph for Businesses

In large organizations, a considerable time is wasted by employees on locating relevant experts or solutions to problems which in any enterprise may already have been solved by other employees. Now, HP has found a solution for that, HP Collective Project.

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MIT courses on Statistics (Open Access Archive)

MIT has a big archive of most of its courses online that is available to public for free. The program is called OpenCourseWare (OCW) at MIT. Basically, each course has a website including the lecture notes, syllabus, assignments, exams, sometimes video lectures, .... The website can be accessed here. The courses in this website are listed under the name of each department.

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Weka: Data Mining Software in Java

If you are looking for a free good Data Mining software or need a machine learning techniques package to use in your own desktop or web application, Weka could be a good choice to use. Weka software also provides different interfaces for data analysis and building knowledge flow.

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the data science debate: domain expertise or machine learning?

Strata 2012 had a very interesting debate (watch the debate) on the motion:

"In data science, domain expertise is more important than machine learning skill."

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Online courses in computer vision, AI and robotics coming soon.

Now you can enroll in more than 15 free online courses on various computer science, medicine, civil engineering, electrical engineering and complex systems, offered by great professors from top universities.  After a very successful experience with AI, taught by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, and machine learning, taught by Andrew Ng,  Coursera is now expanding its classes to other topics such as Anatomy, Information Theory, Cryptography, Game Theory and Computer Vision.

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Probabilistic reasoning for assembly-based 3D modeling

Here's an interesting application of a Bayesian network in interactive interfaces from SIGGRAPH 2011.  In this study, model learns how different shapes are conected to each other, and use this knowledge to recommend related components to users during the process of 3D modeling.

for more information go to :

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$1,000,000 prize from Netflix

Unfortunately, the contest has been finished on 2009. It was a big competition in finding a better algorithm for the NETFLIX recommendation system! The recommendation system in NETFLIX plays a key role in the quality of its online services. They have huge number of movies and also users on the web and what they need is a robust tools to recommend each user the best related information. Here is a video of the winner of that prize!!

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