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A Better Artificial Brain

Can you imagine of a robot that processes the visual information the way our brain does? There has been a lot of research on visual perception and finding the way that our brain analyzes the visual data, recognizes objects, and so on. But there hasn't been a robost and comprehensive method that can fully represent the brain.

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How Face Recognition can help Advertisement Companies?

You should have noticed that the ads that you see on the web are related to your recent search in e.g. Google. Now, a start-up is helping the advertising companies to gain information from the images you're browsing and show you an advertisement based on the age of people in that image. All is through image/face recognition.

There has been a great work on detecting faces in images during the last two decade. Methods like:

- Face recognition using eigenfaces;

- Distribution-Based Face Detectors;

- Neural Network-Based Face Detectors;

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How Signal Noises can be Useful!

We usually try to celan up our signals by removing the noise from them. However, new studies show that the noise from phone calls can be analyzed to expose thieves.

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Infographics made attractive is the team who wants to shift the way people experience the data by their innovative Infographics and visualizations techniques. According to Lee Sherman, co-founder,

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