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What is IPython?

IPython provides a rich toolkit to help you make the most out of using Python, with:

1) Powerful Python shells (terminal and Qt-based).

2) A web-based notebook with the same core features but support for code, text, mathematical expressions, inline plots and other rich media.

3) Support for interactive data visualization and use of GUI toolkits.

4) Flexible, embeddable interpreters to load into your own projects.

5) Easy to use, high performance tools for parallel computing.

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The best free Python resources has a collection of the best free python books. You can also find a collection of the best free books on learning JavaScript here: .

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Patsy: A Python package for describing statistical models and for building design matrices

A Python package for describing statistical models and for building design matrices. It is closely inspired by and compatible with the 'formula' mini-language used in R and S:

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Python, a Reasonable Platform for Scientific Programming with NumPy & SciPy!

Python is a great general purpose programming language. Python is also a reasonable platform for scientific computing, due to the SciPy and NumPy projects.

NumPy is a fundamental library needed for scientific computing with Python. This Open Source library contains:

a powerful N-dimensional array object

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