Reproducible Data Analysis

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Using LaTeX to prepare your slide presentations rather than powerpoint!

Jeromy has a useful post on his blog that provides a guide to getting started with Beamer, a popular LaTeX package for preparing slide presentations. This post:

1) Lists some of the benefits of Beamer in comparison to PowerPoint

2) Links to tutorials and suggestions for learning Beamer for both people who do and do not know LaTeX

3) Documents problems that Jeromy encountered when learning to use Beamer and the solutions that I developed to overcome them.

I found Jeromy's post very useful. You may see the full post in the address below:

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Introduction to Reproducible Analysis - an Interesting Talk by Jeromy Anglim

Jeremy recently had an interesting talk on using R to generate reproducible research. He introduces R markdown and he provides examples of using R Markdown in R Studio. I've embedded the videos in this post. For more information please visit Jeremy's blog here:

Part 1:


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A very useful LaTeX website! (LaTeX Matters) is the name of a blog that I usually use to learn new tricks in LaTeX. If you are a TeX/LaTeX programmer, you definitely find it very useful.

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Reproducible Data Analysis Using Knitr

Yihui, the author of the amazing knitr package in R, has posted an article on reproducible research. Without doubt, knitr has made the process of writing reproducible research enjoyable.

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Reproducible Data Analysis

What is reproducible data analysis?

Reproducible data analysis is an approach aiming at complementing classical printed scientific articles with everything required to independently reproduce the results they present. ''Everything” covers here: the data, the computer codes and a precise description of how the code was applied to the data.

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A brief introduction to Markdown!

Now that Rstudio has released RPubs, R-Studio's phenomenal service to publish documents from R to the web (more info here), a little bit of introduction to markdown, a text to html conversion tool, should be useful. Check out the brief though very useful video below:

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RPubs - A New Web Publishing Service for R

On June 4, RStudio announced RPubs, a free service that makes it easy to publish documents to the web from R. RPubs is a quick and easy way to disseminate data analysis and R code and do ad-hoc collaboration with peers. For more information please go to the links below:

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Reproducible Research and R Workflow - a lecture by Jeromy Anglim

A talk at Melbourne R User Group on Reproducible Research by Jeromy Anglim.

This talk focuses particularly on Eclipse.Jeromy uses a combination of Vim and R for writing Sweave, and Rstudio when he want an IDE experience like Eclipse:

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Markdown and Sweave in R

My goal of writing this post is to introduce some techniques in R that can be used in generating reports automatically. I am new to many of them and therefore I would be only able to introduce the ideas. You may look for more in-depth instructions on how to implement them:

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