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R Resources for Hydrologists

I ran into this very interesting blog, named AboutHydrology, regarding the application of "R" in hydrology. There are many tools, coded and developed in R, which can be used by hydrologists to process and analyze hydrological data. Implementation of hydrological model TOPMODEL in R is a good example to have look and start with. 

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You can now source a C++ file in RStudio

A new version of RStudio that integrates tightly with Rcpp has been released recently. This release includes Rcpp attributes, which are simple annotations that you add to C++ source files to streamline calling C++ from R.  This makes it possible to write C++ functions and simply source them into R just as you’d source an R script.

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Parallel computations in R using the package "multicore"

The package "multicore" in R does parallel processing of R code on machines with multiple cores (or CPUs). The single threaded nature of R is painful specially in simulations when big loops are run. "multicore" package is a very useful package that enables R to be run on multi cores. This package, however, runs on Linux or Mac and not in windows.

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Turning Analyses into interactive Web Applications with NO HTML Knowledge!

R-Studio has recently released a very interesting package named "Shiny". Shiny enables R users to turn their analyses into interactive web applications without any HTML or JavaScript knowledge.

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Dealing with Dates and Time in R Easier with the package lubridate

Lubridate package, created by Garrett Grolemund and Hadley Wickham, makes dealing with time and dates easier in R. In a post by Tal Galili on R-Statistics, you can find a concise tour of what lubridate can do. For more information please see the post below:

Do more with dates and times in R with lubridate 1.1.0

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Interesting example of Object Oriented Programming in R using S4 Classes!

If you are interested in Object Oriented Programming in R, you probaby find this post interesting:

An Example of OOP in GNU R using S4 Classes 


1) R Snippets

2) R Bloggers

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R Manuals!

Some useful R manuals from CRAN:

1) R-intro.html

2) R-lang.html

The link below is also very useful:

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Introduction to Reproducible Analysis - an Interesting Talk by Jeromy Anglim

Jeremy recently had an interesting talk on using R to generate reproducible research. He introduces R markdown and he provides examples of using R Markdown in R Studio. I've embedded the videos in this post. For more information please visit Jeremy's blog here:


Part 1:


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Learn R Through Ninety Two-Minute Tutorials

Are you interested to learn programming in R in less than 3 hours? Anthony Damico has made it easy. He has created ninety two-minute tutorials for R users, as well as those who want to learn how to program with R package. The videos uses a R package on Windows, but the materials can be used on any operating system. Here is the first video of the series of the R lectures. 

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RPubs - A New Web Publishing Service for R

On June 4, RStudio announced RPubs, a free service that makes it easy to publish documents to the web from R. RPubs is a quick and easy way to disseminate data analysis and R code and do ad-hoc collaboration with peers. For more information please go to the links below:


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