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Regression Analysis with MATLAB: New Statistics Toolbox Capabilities in R2012A

On July 9th, Mathworks will present a webinar on capabilities of R2012a statistical toolbox. Though you may not have MATLAB's latest version installed on your system, there are still lots of common features in older versions which is somewhat the same as in R2012a. So, try not to miss this webinar.

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MATLAB Webinar on Computational Statistics

This post is actually about a webinar coming up this week, so I decided to post it as an article instead of an event. MATLAB regularly organizes free webinars on different applications of it's product. This Friday (Mar. 2nd, 2012) there will be a webinar on "Computational Statistics: Getting Started with Classification Using MATLAB".

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How to become a successful Data Scientist?

John Rauser from Amazon explains who is Data Scientist. He also explains how to become a successful data scientist.


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Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis - Data Art & Visualization

How would a life look in charts and graphs? Nicholas Felton has been exploring this question for the last six years with his Feltron Annual Reports. In this presentation at Eyeo, he discussed the tools and techniques of his data collection, curation and design, including the process behind the 2010 report on the life of his father.

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Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis - Data Art & Visualization

Aaron Koblin talks about some of the experiments, libraries and software he and his team at Google have been involved with over the last couple of years. From the Wilderness Downtown with Arcade Fire, and ROME with Danger Mouse, to interactive geographic visualization platforms and reusable gui elements. It’s internet art after animated GIFs (but still using some animated GIFs):

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Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis - Data Art & Visualization

Since 2001, Ben Fry and Casey Reas have developed Processing, an open source programming environment created for the visual arts. In this presentation, they discuss the past, present, and future of the project as it nears the 2.0 release:

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