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Register for a MATLAB and Simulink class through North America

MathWorks is conducting hands-on MATLAB and Simulink training online classes throughout North America. The classes cover a wide range of information at different levels such as;

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Ferret: A Great Data Visualization And Analysis Tool

Ferret is an Interactive tool to utilize when you are dealing with large gridded and non-gridded datasets. Not only can it run on most Unix and windows machines, but also it can access remote Internet data sources through OPeNDAP (What is OPeNDAP?). This is a perfect data visualization and analysis tool particularly for meteorologists and oceanographers who mostly deal with global scale gridded data. 

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MINDjet: a Very Useful Software to Visualize ideas!

MINDManager (a procudct of MINDjet company) is a very useful way to Visualize ideas, share files, align teams, and access information, anywhere, anytime. With MINDManager, you would be able to turn brainstorming into action plans using an interactive environment that shows overviews and details in a clear format. MindManager helps validate priorities, get buy-in on goals and strategies, and map out timelines. The video below introudces the software a little more:


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Matrix Plot of Variables in MATLAB

Have you ever wondered how can you easily plot scatter plots of several variables and their own histograms together in MATLAB? This is something very useful when doing variance analysis on different parameters of a model.

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RapidMiner, Open Source System for Data Mining

RapidMiner is an environment for machine learning, data mining, text mining, predictive analytics, and business analytics. It is used for research, education, training, rapid prototyping, application development, and industrial applications. In a poll by KDnuggets, a data-mining newspaper, RapidMiner ranked second in data mining/analytic tools used for real projects in 2009 and was first in 2010.

You can find more information in its website:

Maybe you like to see the following Tutorial too:

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The Popularity of Data Analysis Software

We always ask the question when we dig into the data: what kind of the tool (or tools) we would like to use? Robert A. Muenchen presents a study of the most popular data analysis software to answer that question.

The study measure the popularity of the analytical tools on various factors including sales & downloads, language popularity measures, number of search results, web site popularity, finally surveys of use and etc. For example, see the plot below.

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Weka: Data Mining Software in Java

If you are looking for a free good Data Mining software or need a machine learning techniques package to use in your own desktop or web application, Weka could be a good choice to use. Weka software also provides different interfaces for data analysis and building knowledge flow.

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Generating Surrogates of Data

It's quite common that you need a relatively large number of samples from a specific random variable (RV) (something that happens in nature), and you don't know the exact distribution of the RV. At the same time, there hasn't been enough observations of this RV, and you need to somehow generate (or in other words synthesize) samples from the RV based on a few number of observed samples.

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R is ready for Business

As well known, R is one of the best programming languages and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Now, R is ready to support the growing needs of commercial users -- "Revolution R" products. It represents that the ongoing development of the R language evolves from an open-source academic research tool to a commercial application for industrial use. Revolution R Enterprise includes all of the R's advanced data analysis and graphics capabilities, plus visual IDE & debugger, the ability of handling big data, scalable & secure web deployment...

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Make your own cluster in just a few minutes

Star Cluster is a revolutionary product. I say that not because it has novel idea, or a very complex product. Star Cluster, in my view, is a tool that democratize cluster computing power. It gives everyone access to high computational power with the lowest possible cost.

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