Statistical Learning

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Gaussian Process Tutorial - Carl Edward Rasmussen

Carl Edward Rasmussen, Computational and Biological Learning Lab in University of Cambridge, has co-authored a book with Chris Williams, entitled Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning, MIT Press, 2006, Read more

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How Face Recognition can help Advertisement Companies?

You should have noticed that the ads that you see on the web are related to your recent search in e.g. Google. Now, a start-up is helping the advertising companies to gain information from the images you're browsing and show you an advertisement based on the age of people in that image. All is through image/face recognition.

There has been a great work on detecting faces in images during the last two decade. Methods like:

- Face recognition using eigenfaces;

- Distribution-Based Face Detectors;

- Neural Network-Based Face Detectors;

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Book: The Elements of Statistical Learning

If you can recall, last month I wrote about a short course on Statistical Learning and Data Mining by two professors at Stanford University, Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani. Today, right before the course begins on March 15, I would like to introduce the invaluable book that Trevo and

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Salford Systems for Data Mining

Right after receiving his PhD in Economics from Harvard University, Dan Steinberg founded Salford Systems in 1983 to provide analytical tools and software for data services. Salford Systems software is now installed in more than 3,500 sites worldwide, including 300 major universities. Major companies such as AT&T Universal Card Services and Sears are among the key customers of Salford Systems as well.  

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Probabilistic reasoning for assembly-based 3D modeling

Here's an interesting application of a Bayesian network in interactive interfaces from SIGGRAPH 2011.  In this study, model learns how different shapes are conected to each other, and use this knowledge to recommend related components to users during the process of 3D modeling.

for more information go to :

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Two professors at Statistics and Biostatistics Departments at Stanford University will hold a two day course on "Statistical Learning and Data Mining" at Sheraton Palo Alto, California on March 15 and 16, 2012.

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