Statistics (Theory)

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Gaussian Process Tutorial - Carl Edward Rasmussen

Carl Edward Rasmussen, Computational and Biological Learning Lab in University of Cambridge, has co-authored a book with Chris Williams, entitled Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning, MIT Press, 2006, Read more

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Dirichlet Distribution - Quick Review

Dirichlet distribution: 

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The Gaussian Processes Web Site is a very useful website that "aims to provide an overview of resources concerned with probabilistic modeling, inference and learning based on Gaussian processes. Although Gaussian processes have a long history in the field of statistics, they seem to have been employed extensively only in niche areas.

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Free E-Books From SpringerLink

As you might know, Springer Publishing has many of its book available online for free. Just recently, I was looking for some books in general Data Analysis topics and found several editorial books that seem to cover a wide range of topics in Data Analysis, I have provided the name and link of 5 of them that I found to be the top ones:

- Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, 2012 (link)

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Partitioning the variance between space and time

There exist many space-time databases of different variables that change both is space and time. A correct examination of the changes in such a variable needs to account for both changes in time and space.

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Nice lectures notes on GEE Models!

I've found some very nice lectures on GEE available here:

There are many other nice lectures available in the parent directory here:

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Regression Analysis with MATLAB: New Statistics Toolbox Capabilities in R2012A

On July 9th, Mathworks will present a webinar on capabilities of R2012a statistical toolbox. Though you may not have MATLAB's latest version installed on your system, there are still lots of common features in older versions which is somewhat the same as in R2012a. So, try not to miss this webinar.

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MIT courses on Statistics (Open Access Archive)

MIT has a big archive of most of its courses online that is available to public for free. The program is called OpenCourseWare (OCW) at MIT. Basically, each course has a website including the lecture notes, syllabus, assignments, exams, sometimes video lectures, .... The website can be accessed here. The courses in this website are listed under the name of each department.

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Book: The Elements of Statistical Learning

If you can recall, last month I wrote about a short course on Statistical Learning and Data Mining by two professors at Stanford University, Trevor Hastie and Robert Tibshirani. Today, right before the course begins on March 15, I would like to introduce the invaluable book that Trevo and

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Two professors at Statistics and Biostatistics Departments at Stanford University will hold a two day course on "Statistical Learning and Data Mining" at Sheraton Palo Alto, California on March 15 and 16, 2012.

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