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Github - Social Network of the Programmers

What is GitHub? In simple words, GitHub is a code sharing service that can be considered as a social networking site for programmers. “At the heart of GitHub is Git, an open source project started by Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Matthew McCullough, a trainer at GitHub, explains that Git, like other version control systems, manages and stores revisions of projects.

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Statistics Courses on Coursera

Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. To learn more about Coursera, please watch Daphne Koller's (Co-Founder at courser) ted talk here.

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Article: Beyond Gaussian Statistical Modeling

It's always good to have a comprehensive and summarized overview of a context. A paper by Bocquet et al. in Monthly Weather Review (from Aug. 2010) has done this about the Data Assimilation methods that go beyond the Gaussian Statistical models. The paper is entitled "Beyond Gaussian Statistical Modeling in Geophysical Data Assimilation".

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A Social Graph for Businesses

In large organizations, a considerable time is wasted by employees on locating relevant experts or solutions to problems which in any enterprise may already have been solved by other employees. Now, HP has found a solution for that, HP Collective Project.

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Register for a MATLAB and Simulink class through North America

MathWorks is conducting hands-on MATLAB and Simulink training online classes throughout North America. The classes cover a wide range of information at different levels such as;

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Dealing with Dates and Time in R Easier with the package lubridate

Lubridate package, created by Garrett Grolemund and Hadley Wickham, makes dealing with time and dates easier in R. In a post by Tal Galili on R-Statistics, you can find a concise tour of what lubridate can do. For more information please see the post below:

Do more with dates and times in R with lubridate 1.1.0

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The best free Python resources

http://pythonbooks.revolunet.com/ has a collection of the best free python books. You can also find a collection of the best free books on learning JavaScript here: http://jsbooks.revolunet.com/ .

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Did you know that 2013 is the "International Year of Statistics" ?

Did you know that 2013 is the "International Year of Statistics"?

Per statistics2013 website, the purpose of this International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013) is to promote the importance of Statistics, through the combined energies of societies and organizations worldwide, to the broader scientific community, business and government data users, the media, policy makers, employers, students, and the general public.

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Interesting example of Object Oriented Programming in R using S4 Classes!

If you are interested in Object Oriented Programming in R, you probaby find this post interesting:

An Example of OOP in GNU R using S4 Classes 


1) R Snippets

2) R Bloggers

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StackOverflow and CrossValidated - Very Useful Q&A sites!

StackOverflow and CrossValidated are two useful Q&A sites that perhaps many of you have been heard of. StackOverflow (SO) is a programming Q&A while CrossValidated (CV) is a community driven Q&A for statisticians, data analysts, data miners and data visualization experts. If you are not using these powerful tools, I extremely encourage you to do so.



2012 FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop
Sep 12-14, 2012 - Washington, DC
2012 Conference on Health Statistics
Aug 6-8, 2012 - Washington, DC
2012 ASA Conference on Radiation and Health
June 10-13, 2012 - Kennebunkport, ME
Actuarial Analytics in R - Free Webinar!
March 28, 2012 -11AM-12PM Pacific Time
11th annual Python in Science conference
July 16-21, 2012, Austin, TX
International Institute of Forecasters
June 24-27, Boston, Massachusetts