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Cluster analysis in SAS

Here is a comprehensive and well detailed tutorial on CLUSTER procedure in SAS, which I found very helpful.

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Looking for a good UNIX tutorial?

http://www.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Teaching/Unix/ is a beginners guide to the Unix and Linux operating system. It has Eight simple tutorials which cover the basics of UNIX / Linux commands. If you are beginner in Unix, you may find the tutorials extremely helpful. 

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Regression Analysis with MATLAB: New Statistics Toolbox Capabilities in R2012A

On July 9th, Mathworks will present a webinar on capabilities of R2012a statistical toolbox. Though you may not have MATLAB's latest version installed on your system, there are still lots of common features in older versions which is somewhat the same as in R2012a. So, try not to miss this webinar.

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Learn R Through Ninety Two-Minute Tutorials

Are you interested to learn programming in R in less than 3 hours? Anthony Damico has made it easy. He has created ninety two-minute tutorials for R users, as well as those who want to learn how to program with R package. The videos uses a R package on Windows, but the materials can be used on any operating system. Here is the first video of the series of the R lectures. 

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Reproducible Data Analysis Using Knitr

Yihui, the author of the amazing knitr package in R, has posted an article on reproducible research. Without doubt, knitr has made the process of writing reproducible research enjoyable.

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Reproducible Data Analysis

What is reproducible data analysis?

Reproducible data analysis is an approach aiming at complementing classical printed scientific articles with everything required to independently reproduce the results they present. ''Everything” covers here: the data, the computer codes and a precise description of how the code was applied to the data.

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A brief introduction to Markdown!

Now that Rstudio has released RPubs, R-Studio's phenomenal service to publish documents from R to the web (more info here), a little bit of introduction to markdown, a text to html conversion tool, should be useful. Check out the brief though very useful video below:

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Large Data in MATLAB [Upcoming Webinar]

If you are working with large dataset in MATLAB, then you won't like to miss this upcoming webinar by MathWorks. Most often, the issue in processing large data with MATLAB is lack of sufficient memory. In this webinar, you'll learn how to speed up processing large data using parallel computing and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). A seismic data processing example will be use to illustrate how to perform faster data analysis computations. The webinar is set to be on 11 Jun 2012 from 9:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m EDT.

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RPubs - A New Web Publishing Service for R

On June 4, RStudio announced RPubs, a free service that makes it easy to publish documents to the web from R. RPubs is a quick and easy way to disseminate data analysis and R code and do ad-hoc collaboration with peers. For more information please go to the links below:


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Google Ngram Viewer: What we learned from 5 million books

"Ngram Viewer" is a tool (in Google Labs) that provides you interesting statistical knowledge of 5 million books (500 billion words) from across centuries. The following video shows how it works. There is a link to the "Ngram Viewer" page.

It might seem simple, but you could still enjoy the power of data analysis revealing some interesting facts (knowledge) about social and cultural phenomena in the history.



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Sep 12-14, 2012 - Washington, DC
2012 Conference on Health Statistics
Aug 6-8, 2012 - Washington, DC
2012 ASA Conference on Radiation and Health
June 10-13, 2012 - Kennebunkport, ME
Actuarial Analytics in R - Free Webinar!
March 28, 2012 -11AM-12PM Pacific Time
11th annual Python in Science conference
July 16-21, 2012, Austin, TX
International Institute of Forecasters
June 24-27, Boston, Massachusetts