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Reproducible Research and R Workflow - a lecture by Jeromy Anglim

A talk at Melbourne R User Group on Reproducible Research by Jeromy Anglim.

This talk focuses particularly on Eclipse.Jeromy uses a combination of Vim and R for writing Sweave, and Rstudio when he want an IDE experience like Eclipse: http://rstudio.org/

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Ferret: A Great Data Visualization And Analysis Tool

Ferret is an Interactive tool to utilize when you are dealing with large gridded and non-gridded datasets. Not only can it run on most Unix and windows machines, but also it can access remote Internet data sources through OPeNDAP (What is OPeNDAP?). This is a perfect data visualization and analysis tool particularly for meteorologists and oceanographers who mostly deal with global scale gridded data. 

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Data Mining - A free webinar by The Analysis Factor / May 30, 2012

Data Mining Webinar

Presented by: Peter Bruce, President at statistics.com

Date: May 30, 2012 - 1pm Eastern Time (10am Pacific time)

Cost: Free 

The webinar will give an overview of data mining techniques. 

More info: http://www.theanalysisfactor.com/data-mining-peter-bruce/

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Big Data and Data Science!

Highlights of the 2011 Data Science Summit:


More info regarding the 2011 Data Science Summit:

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Markdown and Sweave in R

My goal of writing this post is to introduce some techniques in R that can be used in generating reports automatically. I am new to many of them and therefore I would be only able to introduce the ideas. You may look for more in-depth instructions on how to implement them:

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Permutation Tests in R!

“ There are many situations were parametric linear model significance tests are not optimal (including when data is notably non-normal, there are outliers, and when sample sizes are too small to trust asymptotic results). In these cases, permuation tests may be viable alternatives.” lmPerm package provides permutation tests for linear models in R. It can be used for ANOVA, ANCOVA, polynomial regression, and multiple regression.

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Watch 131 Years of Global Warming in 26 Seconds

This amazing animation by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio in 26 seconds shows how temperature all over the globe have warmed since 1880.

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MINDjet: a Very Useful Software to Visualize ideas!

MINDManager (a procudct of MINDjet company) is a very useful way to Visualize ideas, share files, align teams, and access information, anywhere, anytime. With MINDManager, you would be able to turn brainstorming into action plans using an interactive environment that shows overviews and details in a clear format. MindManager helps validate priorities, get buy-in on goals and strategies, and map out timelines. The video below introudces the software a little more:


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Data Mining Webinar- Free

Date: Wednesday, May 30, 2012    

Time: 1pm Eastern Time UTC -4 (12pm Central, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific)

Presenter: Mr. Peter Bruce, President, Statitics.com

About the webinar (from theanalysisfactor.com):

“Data Mining methods lie at the center of the constellation of techniques under the umbrella of “business analytics.”  These techniques deal with analysis of large existing datasets (as opposed to controlled experiments, or sample surveys).

This webinar will give an overview of data mining techniques, which include:

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Matrix Plot of Variables in MATLAB

Have you ever wondered how can you easily plot scatter plots of several variables and their own histograms together in MATLAB? This is something very useful when doing variance analysis on different parameters of a model.



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