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Worldmapper is a nice website that has a collection of world maps about world population, food, fuel, income, wealth, education, health, disease, death, disasters, language, religion and so on and so forth. There are about 700 maps most of which are available in PDF format. "The maps and data files cover 200 territories, mainly United Nation member States plus a few others to include at least 99.95% of the world population. Impress your audience with nice having couple of these maps in your presentation.

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Book: Monte Carlo Statistical Methods

The book "Monte Carlo Statistical Methods" by Robert and Casella (2004, Springer) is a comprehensive and well detailed text on Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. The book starts with some basic introductions on random variables; then, explores the implementation of MC and how to control the variance in MC sampling. It also covers some material about MC optimization and MCMC. Among other topics in the book, you can also find Perfect Sampling and Sequential Importance Sampling.

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Revolution Analytics Upcoming Webinars (Free)

Revolution Analytics offers free webinars.

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Real time Stats: Wind Map

A visiable way to observe the invisable power around you! 

Please click the image below.

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How Face Recognition can help Advertisement Companies?

You should have noticed that the ads that you see on the web are related to your recent search in e.g. Google. Now, a start-up is helping the advertising companies to gain information from the images you're browsing and show you an advertisement based on the age of people in that image. All is through image/face recognition.

There has been a great work on detecting faces in images during the last two decade. Methods like:

- Face recognition using eigenfaces;

- Distribution-Based Face Detectors;

- Neural Network-Based Face Detectors;

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FARS- The Fatality Analysis Reporting System Database

FARS is a nationwide census of fatal traffic crashes from 1975 to present, created by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This database includes description, in standardized formats, of each fatal crash reported. More than 125 different coded data elements that characterized the crash, the vehicles, and the people are reported for each crash. If you are interested in road safety studies you might find this database useful.

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Mendeley - Free Reference Manager and Academic Social Network

To organize your references, you can find different Reference management software, but which one will satisfy you based on your requirement in research? This link to Wikipedia provides the comparison between different reference management software:


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What is OPeNDAP?

My first experience with OPeNDAP was to use it in MATLAB to remotely access OPeNDAP served precipitation data. The applications of OPeNDAP however are much wider. "OpeNDAP is a framework that simplifies all aspects of scientific data. OPeNDAP provides software which makes local data accessible to remote locations regardless of local storage format. OPeNDAP also provides tools for tranforming existing applications into OPeNDAP clients (i.e., enabling them to remotely access OPeNDAP served data)." Moreover, it's FREE.

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3-D graphing with Google

A few months ago, Google launched a graphing functionality right in search. In addition to simple calculation, you can draw plots too; isn’t it amazing? As an example, let's plot the normal probability plot with Google (example from http://blog.revolutionanalytics.com/).To do so, go to google search box and enter:

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Generating Surrogates of Data

It's quite common that you need a relatively large number of samples from a specific random variable (RV) (something that happens in nature), and you don't know the exact distribution of the RV. At the same time, there hasn't been enough observations of this RV, and you need to somehow generate (or in other words synthesize) samples from the RV based on a few number of observed samples.



2012 FDA/Industry Statistics Workshop
Sep 12-14, 2012 - Washington, DC
2012 Conference on Health Statistics
Aug 6-8, 2012 - Washington, DC
2012 ASA Conference on Radiation and Health
June 10-13, 2012 - Kennebunkport, ME
Actuarial Analytics in R - Free Webinar!
March 28, 2012 -11AM-12PM Pacific Time
11th annual Python in Science conference
July 16-21, 2012, Austin, TX
International Institute of Forecasters
June 24-27, Boston, Massachusetts